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Physical Description/Room Entrance

Erstaad is a human male, whose blonde locks just barely tickle his broad shoulders. His skin is tanned to a dark bronze color, and his body is well sculpted, like that of a farmer, but his features lack the tiredness that manual labor brings. His face is clean shaven, and is devoid of any abnormalities, such as scars or moles. He has deep sapphire eyes, which have a soft, warm and charming appeal to them.

Erstaad wears a light blue shirt, which clings to his muscled body. The sleeve reaches mid bicep, revealing his very strong looking forearms. He wears dark brown leather breeches, which are held up by a strong belt made of steerhide. Around the belt, there are loops, which hold up pouches of coins. He wears hard dark tan boots.

Erstaad carries no weapon, which would seem odd for a man blessed with his apparent strength. In fact, he doesn't appear to carry any item of any kind on his person, but he does have a sack slung over his shoulder. He does, however, carry an incredible air of charisma. Very few women; those that are not completely human, (magic users, magical creatures) can resist his charm, and even they are sometimes swayed by his good looks and charming conversation.

Vital Statistics

Full Name Erstaad (Surname Unrevealed)
Age 31
Height 6'4''
Weight 225 pounds
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Origin Village of Melchia
Occupation Town Guardsman
Marital Status Married to Kasidy


Erstaad never had trouble finding a woman to court. Something about him just appealed to every woman he had ever met. But Erstaad was not happy. He had a natural affinity for the outdoors, and so became a promising apprentice to one of his village's most respected magicians. But even drowning himself in his work could not save him from the women who flung theirselves at him. Erstaad needed more than sexual partners, but he could not find any. Erstaad needed to leave, and he needed to leave immediately, and not look back.


After making his decision to leave the comfort of all he hadknown, Erstaad soon realized that he had no other place to go. So he simply wandered for years, drifting from town to town, using his strength and herbal knowledge to lend a hand where it was needed. But his curse of charisma followed him, still. And he still moved on, unable to find what he was looking for. That is, until he came upon the Inn of the Golden Lake.

It was here that he met the first woman that he had ever had true, caring feelings for. Her name was Lady Mora. Unlike Erstaad, she had been able to find her true love, in the form of Itazzy. Like Erstaad, however, she was also alone, as her husband had been trapped in another dimension. She needed someone to be with her, and it just so happened that Erstaad wanted the same.

The two became fast friends, sharing hours of their days with each other, as she showed him the secrets of the Inn, telling him of it's history and patrons, and he sharing all of his herbal knowledge. The time came when Erstaad decided to show his friendship, in the form of a momento that would always remind her of him, in case anything were to happen to him. It turned out to be a mistake that Erstaad would regret for the rest of his life. Both of them.

He gave his 'Fair One' (the nickname he created for her) a necklace that seemed to be harmless. He had no cause to believe otherwise. But somehow, as soon as he slipped it around her neck, she slipped into a trance, and her magical powers were gone. At that very instant, an army of spirits appeared, as did a man dressed in the dark robes of a necromancer, the same man, ironically, that Erstaad bought the necklace from. A great battle ensued with a unique show of unification on the part of a few of the Inn's more battle-readied patrons. But it was seemingly all for naught, as even though they tried to stop him, the necromancer, Lord Baryon, managed to hurl a bolt of lightning at his true target: Lady Mora.

A lightning bolt that would have surely killed her, had Erstaad not hurled himself in front of it, taking the blast head on. It was the least he could do, after all, he himself brought the onslaught to the Inn. He let out a cry as the lightning raced through his body, and was felled in less than a moment.

The months that followed this night are a blur to Erstaad. All he can remember is that somehow, he was brought back to life somehow, and that Mora tried to do what she could to nurse him back to health. He has been told that he was paralyzed for months.

His memory resumes months after his recovery, finding that the Mora he was left with was not the Mora that he had known. She was distant, and forever changed. Erstaad blames himself for this, and has decided that he must stay out of what little life Mora has left, a feat that he has found easy to do, thanks completely to one person; the one true love of his life, Kasidy.

Following the ordeal with Mora, Erstaad fell into a deep and complete depression. He locked himself in the Inn's library for weeks at a time, coming out scarcely once a week to eat only a small piece of bread, or a small bowl of stew, then returning to his studies. As far as he was concerned, he had ruined one life too many, and was intent on making sure that he would ruin no more. But when he awoke from his studies one afternoon, something made him venture outside of his fortress to face the world once again.

There was a woman at the table that Erstaad normally sat at. There was something odd about her, something that instantly drew him to her. He introduced himself to her, and she to him. She was Kasidy, twin sister to Kasira, who, perhaps as a bizarre twist of fate, was one of Mora's dearest friends. Kasidy and Erstaad hit it off extremely well, and it was only a few short weeks before Erstaad realized that this woman was the one whom he had been set to protect, to love and to marry.

Erstaad's life has meaning now, and there is no way that he is letting anyone take him away from his Angel, and if he would die to protect his friend, what would he do to protect the one he loves?

Why I created him

I'm not actually sure why I created Erstaad. All I know is that I have, and I have been given praise by many people for it. He is a fun character to play, and one that I'll never tire of, if only for the simple reason that he has so much depth to him. Last updated Friday February 22, 2001.