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The folks listed here are those people who I've created friendships with in my immediate area. I guess I should say that I talk to most of these people primarily online, instead of solely offline. But two is better than one, I suppose. Again, the order doesn't really mean anything.

Mike- He introduced me to hip-hop. Though I still can't stand it for very long, I must admit that I've grown to appreciate the way they take beats from real musicians. He is the editor of the newspaper that I write for. He has a brother called Martin. Martin hates a lot of things. Martin likes the Blueman Group, however.

Jarvis- He's just Jarvis. He's a fairly talented freestyler, as well, though his background will prohibit him from getting anywhere in the Rap Music industry. So it goes. He plays hockey. He's a good friend of mine, probably better than most of the people on any of the friends pages. We have a lot in common, which accounts for the friendship, I suppose.

Gregg- He wants to be a music star. He's an excellent drummer, but everyone knows that the only people who give credit to the drummers are other drummers. No one else cares about them. That's why they're always in the back of the stage, where not many people can see them. He's a cool guy. Like his girlfriend Gennessey with cremescicles, he probably likes the Simpsons more than I do.

Katherine- She and I are suffering through a senior seminar class, as well as AP English together. I gave her the name Guava because I felt she needed a name that only I would call her. I don't know why I chose Guava. Probably because she has red hair, and I was drunk off Nyquil. She wants to be an Elementary School teacher for some ungodly reason. The Elementary part, that is. Hopefully once she attends SPU, she'll realize that high school teaching is where it's at.

Craven- He's the founder and distributor of the Award Awards. The award awards are awards (obviously) given out to people who say something particularly witty, wise or shocking. But they serve to do so much more than just acknowledge a particularly clever thing someone has said. They really bring our school together. He enjoys Duran Duran a bit too much, I fear.

Kendo- He insists that I refer to him as Anjin-san. Anyone who's read Shogun will understand. He's frequently threatened my life and the life of my unborn children.

Gennessey- Probably the only person that likes cremescicles more than I do. She is deliberately mean to me on several ocassions. She uses me as her computer support person sometimes. I made her a web site this summer. She wasn't very helpful, so it rather sucks. Last updated Friday February 22, 2001.