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I was born on July 15 in 1983. A resident of the Eastside of the Puget Sound area for most of my life, I have always been in the center of technology, which leaves little to be unfounded concerning my affection for the technological aspects of life. After reading the "standard" literary classics in my preteen years, I moved on to other, more esoteric pastures. Science Fiction and Fantasy works filled most of my days, when I was not writing my works. As I approached my current age, I began to read works of the great thinkers and existentialists. Kafkae, Hesse and Dante replaced Stevenson, Twain and Verne. Now I have turned into a learned, existential Cyberpunk, bent on reinstating the Cyberpunk Movement, the works of which so inspire me, I designed my old site, Orange Mongoose Web, and also this one, in a kind of pseudo-Cyberpunk style.

I have now more or less concretely decided to become a writer of some degree, after attending and graduating college with a degree in Creative Writing, with a particular extensive course of study in East Asian History. I hope to apply these two interest areas in my goal to become a high school teacher.

The following is a list of largely meaningless facts and figures, which may have use in putting the proprietor in a demographical area, or in allowing the readership to discern the particular interests of me, should they so desire, for whatever reason, twisted or not.

Height 6'0"
Weight 134 pounds
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Shoe Size 12
Nationality American
Novels Slaughterhouse Five, When Gravity Fails, Omega Score, Damien
Colors Black, Orange, Gray
Stand-up Comic Dennis Miller
Television Show The Simpsons, Old Saturday Night Live Episodes
Movie Akira, The Matrix, The Posideon Adventure, Tommy Boy Last updated Friday February 22, 2001