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Physical Description/Room Entrance

Darius is a 28 year old male, of slender build. He stands 6 foot 3, and is clad in a black trenchcoat, cloak, knee high boots and black trousers. Underneath his trenchcoat is a long sleeved white shirt. His stark white hair is pulled back into a pony tail which lays on top of the collar of the trenchcoat. He has a three fletted silver flail strapped to his belt, and a long silver dagger in a case on the opposite side of the same belt.

Vital Statistics

Age 28
Height 6'3''
Weight 183lbs
Eye Color Black
Love Interest Laena Harper
Hair Color/Style Pale white, in a pony tail which reaches to the middle of his shoulder blades.
Origin Unknown
Occupation WereHunter
Favorite Weapon Three Fletted Flail


Several days prior to the attempted takeover of the Golden Lake Inn, two men appeared inside the vacant tavern, empty save for one passed out female, hunched over a table. The two men, one a commander of the dark army that would eventually attack the same inn, the other, a mercenary/WereHunter for hire, currently under the employment of the same Lord Baryon. The woman, was Laena Harper. Eventually, thanks in part to the childish antics of Galma, and due to the realization that the woman wasn't in any mood to be harrassed further, the two of them spent the night together after Darius promised her that he'd make her 'feel the warmth again'. Half expecting to leave the Inn early the next morning, Darius was struck by the realization that perhaps there was more to their night than a simple trist. So started the turbulent medieval soap opera of Darius and Laena. Luckily for Darius, his feelings were found to be mutual one night, and he's become quite a more more protective of Laena.


Darius was born in a village, he's almost sure of this. Although, he knows not where it was, or even who his family or friends were. All he remembers is the entire village awash with flames and smoke, when he was only 11 years old. Someone told him to get out of the house, he recalls, though he knows not who. So Darius ran, and he didn't stop until he was far away from the burning buildings; until he was away from his family, his life.

He's also not sure in which direction he walked, or for how long. When you are young and frightened, your mind doesn't exactly pay attention to such details. He came upon a large encampment one early morning, and approached the gates, hoping to find shelter, perhaps a bit of food inside. A kind man appeared before Darius, as he made his way inside the camp. He was large, over six feet in height, and well over two-hundred and fifty pounds. The man, whom Darius learned was called Arnis, taught the young Darius how to be a skillful hunter. When the bow was 14, he was out hunting with Arnis and a half dozen others, like they normally were, although, Darius noticed, they seemed to be tracking a wolf.

The hunting party soon lost track of the wolf, however. All but Darius, that is. Darius rushed after it, the young man with his three fleted flail dashed through the branches and bushes for the kill, until he came up the spot that he was sure the wolf would be at. But to his surprise, a beautiful young woman was hunched in the clearing. Even more obscure was the fact that Darius noticed the wolf prints continued on after where the woman lay. Darius approached her, offering to assist her if she so needed it. However, before he got a chance to talk with her, the other hunters burst through the clearing. Arnis ordered Darius to kill the woman, whom he believed to be the werewolf that they had been tracking.

The woman looked up at Darius in horror, but Darius would not strike, and tried to defend the woman's case. But Arnis would have none of it, and struck her down himself. Darius was then beaten and drug back to camp, where he was promptly exiled, taking only his flail, cape, and his trenchcoat with him, as his belongings. He walked for days, then weeks, then months.

After two years of wandering, hiring himself as a mercenary, he came upon the company of an aspiring dictator of great power, Lord Baryon. While Darius did not agree at all with the man's goal, he needed the money, and Baryon paid quite well. In retrospect, the decision to come with one of Baryon's charges to the Inn of the Golden Lake was quite possibly the best decision Darius has ever, and will ever make in his life. For it was late this night that he met the beautiful (and drunk) Laena Harper. The two met, and instantly connected, and rest, as is said, is history.

Why I created him

I wanted to play a dark character, so naturally, a WereHunter was the obvious choice, as not many people have such characters. Unfortunately, thanks to a certain mundane and her character, he's anything but dark and moody, but he's fun to play, just the same. Last updated Friday February 22, 2001.