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Teachers Push for Drone Society

The harsh reality that many American students face today is one which they are pushed and pulled to their very limits (sometimes even beyond) their peers and supposed betters to go to college in order to make a better living for themselves in the future.

"Don't work at McDonald's," they say. "Go to college and get an engineering or science degree," they insist. However, if one would look closely at today's current work force of college graduates, the people who did go to college instead of settle for a job in the retail industry, one would notice a recurring trend. One will notice that these same individuals are stuffed into suits and then crammed in five by five foot cubicles from seven in the morning until at least five in the evening every day without fail.

If one would ask the common white collar individual, with the computer science degree they got at the urging of their teachers, they would most likely say that they are tired of the horribly mundane lifestyle tat they live. They would tell you of how they work on the same never-ending project day in and day out every day for a month,m then drift on to the next project of nearly identical nature to the previous one, which has little or no variation at all to make it seem like a different task.

Teachers tell students how they should not settle for common jobs in retail, such as working in a restaurant, a book store or a movie theater, but instead tell them to become mindless drones, programming the same code every day, with no possible chance for change. Last updated Friday February 22, 2001.