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For a little over a year now, I've been involving myself heavily in an online hobby that I have grown to like, and look forward to
participating in very much. This hobby is known as FFRPing, or Free Form Role Playing. FFRPing plays like a Dungeons and Dragons or Shadowrun table top game, in that a character is created by a person (called a mundane, or simply mun), and that character is given a background, an appearance, and all of the statistics that would be needed in order to give a creation life. Then, the mun would role
play in various rooms on IRC. The mun would converse with other players, acting as his or her character. The sky is the limit, and as
such RPing sessions can last for hours.

Two people can either go it alone, and role play one on one, or a
large group of four, five or even larger can be created, to where the entire room would be involved in one plot.

Below, I've listed a bit of information on RPing as it pertains to me.
If you have any questions, don't hesistate to email me at, or contact me on ICQ, at UIN 17715218.

Frequent RPing Partners

Keri/Laena`- She is the co-founder and webmistress, she is the
chief patron, she is the bot's speaker. She is my character's love interest's mun. She is Keri. An excellent RPer, by any definition.
She's be in the game for a long while, and it shows.

Kim/`Alexa` and Kasidy- We've recently found each other again,
the RP between her Alexa and my Seldric has been renewed, and
they're once again ready to set off on another adventure. This RP
is now joined by another, that of my Erstaad with her Kasidy, single mother. It's an odd pairing to be sure, but we'll have fun with it.
Her characters are very unique, and each have their own
personalities, qualities which the best RPers have.

Gail/Softwater- I've recently turned to a friend of mine, who I've chatted with in Fool's for a long while, but nevere really RPed with much, Gail. Because my favorite character, Slade, needed a new
love interest, I had him arranged to meet Gail's half Elf half Wolf character, Softwater. Because I've taken a sabbatical from RPing
in the last few months, we haven't gotten very far, but I suspect
that'll change soon.

RPing Channels

#The_Golden_Lake_Inn- You will notice that this is the only role
playing channel that is listed here. The reason for this is that the
Golden Lake Inn is simply the best FFRPing room to be found. While
the cast of recurring roleplayers is small, they are a close knit group, most of which play excellent together. They frequently go on channel-wide quests, and are always looking for the next patron of
the Golden Lake.

If you are so inclined as to visit TGLI, tell them that
Orange_Mongoose has sent you, and you shall be welcomed with
open arms. The co-founder has taken the time to create an
in-depth web site for the channel, which includeds descriptions on
the surrounding area of the Golden Lake. The site is located at

I'll also take the time now to mention that I am the co-webmaster
of the site, and was responsible for a lot of the descriptions you
see on the site, as well as running general errands that my
significantly better webmistress thinks that I can do.

#Fool's_Place- This is the companion channel to #TGLI, and where I spend at least equal time on IRC as I do in #TGLI itself. It's a fun
place and a nice way to relax and chat with the people behind the characters I play with. Last updated Friday February 23, 2001.