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Within the confines of this particular section of Orange Mongooose Web, the proprietor shall list accounts of his thoughts; his musings, as it were. These musings will first appear in the Preimptive commentary section of Orange Mongoose Web, located on the primary page. As the longevity of Orange Mongoose Web grows, so too will this page of archival.

Musing #1

This musing was the first introduced on Orange Mongoose Web, and appeared on December 25th.

Today is of course, Christmas Day for roughly half of the world's population. Of course, if you listened to the television media, you'd understand that everyone celebrates Christmas, regardless of religion. Certainly Sting and Phil Collins thought so, when they created that wonderful song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Now, that is of course, a song that was created for the children of Ethiopia, so the aim of the song was excellent, and not on trial in this particular rant. Anyhow, I've come to realize that Christmas, in it's current form is a time for stores to sell their items to people in desperate need of brownie points with their relatives and friends. As much as purists try to make it, the 25th of December will never again be remembered for the birth of a special baby in history, but for the sounds of the furious thrashing of ribbon and paper as the masses tear into their gifts.

This brings me to another issue. Why is it that we take so much time, care and effort in to wrapping gifts, when the paperis only ripped beyond any practical usage after the day, and tossed into a bag and discarded in landfills? The 5 minute wrapping job is in ruin in under thirty seconds as your recipient tears off the paper to get at the box, to get at their gift. Fun for the recipient, yes, but a real burden on the shoulders of the giver, knowing that their perfect parsel lies on the floor, crumpled as little Billy plays with his remote control car.

Musing #2

This musing was the second introduced on Orange Mongoose Web, and appeared on December 30th, as the last update of the year.

I don't understand the notion of 'happy birthday'

If you took the time to wish someone a 'happy birthday' you would obviously want their day to be happy, or else you wouldn't bother talking to them, so saying "happy birthday" is kind of inane. I think I will just say "birthday" now.

Musing #3

This musing was the third introduced on Orange Mongoose Web, and appeared on January 8th, as the first update of the new year.

I don't understand why people call their introductions, or in my case, their preimptive commentary .plan files.

It's really kind of annoying, the fact that most of these people aren't Linux programmers, and have no right to call anything that they do a .plan. Maybe it's just me, but I really do not think that titling your update/introduction page/section your .plan file makes you sound like an intellectual programmer, who knows anything. .plan files are meant for programmers, and programmers only. They are members of large corporations, and this is their work log, it is not the update area of their web site. I really doubt that any programmer has anything called a .plan file on their site, so for a non-programmer to is really annoying.

Musing #4

This musing was the fourth introduced on Orange Mongoose Web, and appeared on January 24, and there is no special reason for this musing.

The meaning of life is to strive to make your life as easy and painless as possible, therefore creating the illusion it is better than it was when you started out. However, the pains you too to achieve the goal have taken all the fun out of life, and you will die painlessly and easily, without accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Musing #5

This musing resumes the archiving of the preemptive commentary, after the proprietor neglected to maintain records from January 24th and May 23rd.

The proprietor of Orange Mongoose Web would like to point out that this update is posted exactly two months to the day of the previous update. As Henry David Thoreau said, it was purely "by accident." However, as any of the Orange Mongoose Web's readers who have read Walden know, nothing that Thoreau says is by accident. The proprietor leaves the notion of the the update of Orange Mongoose Web to be accidental up to the reader's individual disgression.

Quote: Be wary of the grinning lion at mealtime.


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