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In the spring of 2000, I made my return to the online gaming world known as The Realm. The Realm is an environment that was created originally by Sierra On-Line. Due to unfortunate financial circumstances, Sierra had to sell the game to Codemasters, a company that was just making it's States side presense felt. Since my return to the Realm, I have met dozens of people, some good and some bad. I am now going to list those people who I have met that have left a pleasureable impact on my life. Unfortunately, roughly nine months after I restarted, I was forced to quit, fed up with the billing problems I experienced.

KaZhmiR- It is common for people, after they have played the Realm for a time to take on a 'significant other', with whom to spend a majority of their time with, chatting, hunting or any number of things. KaZhmiR is the person which I have chosen. She is a fun, pleasant person that I am thankful to have the opportunity to know.

Aellyn- She plays the part of another one of my character's companion, that of Virgule. She's a good role player, something that has been overlooked on the Realm thus far. I'm glad she's chosen me to role play with.

Comanche- He's an old player, and as such, has amassed quite a collection of powerful items, which he seems to enjoy loading me down with. I don't exactly mind, usually. He's tried to get me above level 100 a few times, but I just can't be that much of a hunter.

Wiselin and LadyMichaela- These two are probably responsible for my attitude with stupid newbies and annoyances on the Realm. I don't mind at all, though. Unfortunately, Wiselin has apparently dropped off the face of the Realm world, leaving Michaela to fend for herself, but I'll still group them together, since as they've told me, they will always be a pair.

Taino and Abraxas- I list these two together because they are together. I like to think that I've been a good friend to both of them, but I suppose that I can't be as good a judge of that as they can. They are fun to hang around with, and I wish them all the best.

IceMaiden, SassyNKute, SNOWFantasia- I don't really have a lot to say about these ladies, other than that they make my Realming experience very enjoyable. IceMaiden, while violent, is also very humorous. Sassy has told me that I'm one of the few people who are allowed to tickle her, so I guess that means something. And Fantasia is a person who I can just talk with about any number of things, while I'm waiting for KaZhmiR to come online, and it's good to know that.

So there they are. The people that make my Realm what it is. Thank you all for being there for me, in one way or another. Last updated Saturday January 13, 2001.