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Kim- She's part of the cult-like group of peole that I roleplay and chat with. She's nice, but she has a horrible job, and I serve as a shoulder and personal advice columnist for her. I don't mind.

Keri- She's another member of the cult. She's an Alaskan hick, though she will adamantly deny it. Those of you who are here know better than to doubt me, though, don't you? I thought so. Sometimes we have falling outs, but we patch things up. She's forgiving, I'll give her that.

Gail- Another person that I play with on RPGWorlds, I don't talk with her as much as I do the other people I roleplay with. But she's nice, all the same.

Desiree- She's cool. Quiet, though. That's really all I can say about here, since she is so quiet.

Mo- She was actually the one who 'suggested' that I make note of the people who make me what I am. She didn't so much as suggest as she did whine and curse at me to create a section that honored her, and perhaps a few other friends. Well, there you are, Mo. Even though she's not been around in months.


Justin- He tries so hard to be cool. But he fails miserably. I believe that he idolizes me, despite the fact that he not only denies it, but tries to make himself out to be the idolized. He plays the guitar, and makes fun of my musical tastes.

Vibeke- She's an angry, whiny Norwegian, but she's fun to talk to, normally. She and Justin are a couple, and I think it's very noble that she took it upon herself to take him out of the dating pool. Now if someone would be kind of enough to do the same for me...

Zoso- He's another trivia buddy of mine. He's got a streak in him. I'm not sure what the streak is, but it's probably something.

Russell- He's probably the only English person that I actually know, or at least am friends with. He and I also do quite a bit of Realming together. Hooray for him. Well, we used to do quite a bit of Realming together, until I stopped playing. I'm kind of helping him with his own IRC network, but not doing too well. Last updated Friday February 23, 2001.