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Carla- She's a nice young woman. I try to be a friend and confidant to her, as I can figure that she hasn't really had a lot of those in her life. But I try to convince her that one, and that one being me, is all she really needs. I don't know if it's worked yet. As of this writing, I've known her for two years.

Michael- He's a cool guy. Gives me advice on certain things. Unfortunately, none of his advised techniques have worked. I don't know, though, perhaps it's fortunate that they haven't worked yet. There's always the future. He's in the Army now. Hooray.

Nicole- I've known her for a while. We met in a trivia room, on ChatNet, but we haven't really seen each other there in a while, so I decided to put her here instead. She's all right.

Ryan- He and I are very much alike, and frankly, that scares me. I actually knew him before I knew Keri (See IRC Section), and I later learned that the two of them were close friends. I thought it was an odd twist of fate, and so did they. He and I freely and frequently exchange advice on any number of things. He's helped me on countless virus problems, and I really couldn't express enough thanks for that, because without his help in such matters, I probably wouldn't be typing this.

Zak- He and I were in an e-wrestling league for a long while, but I've stopped doing that. He and I still talk to each other every so often. Nice guy. Thinks he's some sort of gift to women. Which is exactly why he doesn't have a woman.

Mandy- I've lost track of how long I've known her. But I think it's safe for me to say that I've never regretting talking to her, or getting to know her. I count her among my closest friends. I almost have to. I mean, who else do I know that would create a web site soley because I told her to?

Lyra- I've decided to list her as Lyra, because that's what she's decided to call herself. But, I've known her for years, and I've always called her by another name; Evesie. It's because she was originally going to call herself Eve, and that was just far too plain for me, so I had to add my own little twist, and the name just stuck. Last updated Friday February 23, 2001.